Broadcast Interactive Media & Gravity Announce Partnership!

We’re excited to announce the BIMLocal Ad Optimization Platform is joining Gravity as a new partner adopting our industry-leading personalization technology throughout its network of 3,000 news and information sites. This partnership will allow BIMLocal, part of Broadcast Interactive Media, to provide personalization for its partners as a means to tailor site experiences to individual user interests.

Local, general news is a particularly competitive content vertical and BIMLocal’s new personalization capabilities create differentiation and improved reading experiences for users across their network. Gravity will enable each user to build an Interest Graph in order for BIM properties to determine which articles are most relevant to the user. Each time users visit a BIM site, they have personalized stories that interest them the most. BIMLocal’s network of sites includes local television and news sites across the U.S., as well as national business-to-business, entertainment, sports, lifestyle/travel, home/garden and mobile sites.

Welcome to the Gravity team, BIMLocal!



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