The Gravity Office Tour: Santa Monica Edition

flag from main street

We have been conveniently located on the corner of Ocean Park and Main Street in downtown Santa Monica for the past 2 years. In the beginning we were just a dozen scattered desks in the Suite 300, but now we have grown and expanded our office to the second floor.

Let us enter the space where Gravity’s magic happens: The Penthouse Suite

amits penthouse

You can take the elevator or the stairs to enter our very own Tech Workshop. The open office encourages teamwork and entertainment. Four large monitors line the back wall, updating the Gravity Team with daily activity and sometimes flashing a funny cat video or the surf cam.


Tucked away behind the Tech scene are a few private offices for our co-founders Jim and Steve, our VP of Engineering Richard, and a meeting room full of couches and presentation boards.


The main office is divided by a retractable airplane wing, which we use to screen presentations during team meetings. Pretty sweet, right? Yeah, it came with the place.

airplane wing

If you aren’t impressed yet, let me show you our private rooftop. The view of Main Street is crucial and our flag waves high above for all to see. You can catch the team eating lunch or taking calls on the roof, but the action doesn’t stop there. We have personalized our roof to meet all of the teammates’ needs.

roof surf

When the roof is packed or the office is too noisy, you can escape to the crow’s nest. This little lookout is the perfect space for a private call or meeting. Just go up the red spiral staircase and close the door. Don’t sit on the beanbag chairs too long, they are really, really comfortable.

crows nest

Behind those big glass walls is the office to our CEO, Amit Kapur. Though he is no fan of having a secluded office, his frequent meetings with the team and industry leaders require a comfortable space for conversation and brainstorming.


The adjacent conference room is lined with couches, chairs and white boards to encourage open discussions and minimize distractions. One of Amit’s favorite attributes of Gravity’s company culture is passion–to teach, to learn and to grow. Creating an environment that encourages these kinds of interactions creates a more qualified, productive team and helps the company grow faster and stronger together.


At the beginning of 2013, we added a Sales Department to the Gravity Team. And with this growth, came the office expansion to the second floor.


You have just entered the Sales floor—Suite 206. The freshly waxed hard wood floors and brand new couches, establish a homey feel to this office. From the Account Managers and Business Developers to the Account Executives and Marketing Department, there is a room for everyone here on the sales floor. When the techies are able to escape their workshop, there are plenty of couches to go around.

Sales Team

Whether you come to work hard, admire our teamwork or escape your day job, the Gravity office accommodates everyone!

So grab your wet suit, long or short board, and meet us down at Station 26. Surf’s Up!

surfs up

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