Personalization Will Drive Publisher Empowerment

There’s a seismic shift in the way publishers are relating content to users and its going to realign traffic acquisition across the web. I spoke about it at a recent Digiday Summit that you can view here:

Publishers are re-architecting their sites to include more streamy, information-dense-feeds and relying on personalization to drive the organization of information in those feeds.

Much like how search’s information-dense-feed, powered by link graphing, tailors itself to your inquiries or Facebook’s feed, powered by the social graph, arranges stories for you based on your friend’s interests, publishers are seeking ways to intelligently organize information for each user.

Gravity builds Interest Graphs for every user on the webbernet. Its a complex, nuanced and massive undertaking. It requires our little start up to rack our own servers (no Amazon hosting, folks) to confidently operate at the speed and scale necessary to take on this task. This Interest Graphing, in real-time, and the ability to deliver relevant stories per user is transforming the web. Instead of users hitting the back button after they gobble up a piece of content, a publisher’s information dense, personalized feed will introduce the next relevant piece of information for the user. This dynamic will path that user forward into more articles on that site or send them to other partners who will then owe that traffic back to the traffic origination point.

Ultimately, as more publishers adopt personalization, they will re-establish themselves as valuable destinations for users and valuable partners for each other, shifting the balance of traffic acquisition across the web.



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